Heading: Claire-Louise Ferris Memorial Trust
I Believe


Claire had a knack of volunteering people for things. She volunteered her dad Dave to perform a dance on stage for a charity evening which turned out to be an “Almost Full Monty”. She also volunteered him to do an act as Al Jolson because she thought he sounded like him. I was volunteered to perform as a dancer in a local production of Copa Cobana, much to my fright as I’d never done anything like it before. We have since heard that she volunteered friends for things, such as her friend Andrew who was to do a duet with Claire in her show and ended up appearing in many other numbers including cats wearing a lycra catsuit. She would certainly have a chuckle at all the people volunteering to do things to raise funds in her name to help other children less fortunate than her.

I Believe I Can
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