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Claire-Louise had an interest in dancing since her first lesson at the age of 2 1/2 . Her first appearance on stage was as a frog in a green tutu and tights and a rabbit in black leotard and white fur hood and paws. She was tiny, one of the smallest on stage but she elbowed her way to the front to take her bow when the older girls blocked her out. Dancing became her life, she lived to dance and found that it helped her to overcome dyslexia which made her life at school rather difficult. She worked really hard and achieved 10 GCSE’s, 8 at grade C and above. We were so proud of her as it had taken a lot of hard work and determination. She also showed grit and determination in achieving her brown belt in karate by the age of 13.


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Claire-Louise felt that the co-ordination it took to become a good dancer and the order of learning routines helped her to overcome some of the problems Dyslexia brings. Because of this, she had infinite patience when teaching the children of her dance school and had a way of bringing out the best in people and making them achieve what they thought was impossible. The many cards and letters we have received since May from pupils and parents and friends from the school have amazed us.

She was determined to become a qualified ISTD dance teacher as soon as possible and took her teaching exam in the Modern faculty just before her 19 th birthday. She passed and had the letters AISTD after her name. The following July around her 20 th birthday she also passed her tap exam, although a change of examination rules meant that written essays etc needed to be added which she was working towards.

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