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Claire-Louise was small in stature but large on impact, as we have found since her tragic early death on 29 th May, 2006. She ran her own dance school, but was on her way to an office job in Bishop’s Stortford when the accident happened. Nobody was to blame; it was just a tragic road accident which has taken a bright light from our life.

Claire-Louise may have only been 4 feet 11 ¾”, (and boy was that ¾” important), and a size 8 in dress size, but the lasting impression she has left with everyone is far larger than we could ever have imagined.


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The reason we have set up Claire's Trust Fund is because Claire-Louise had such energy and was a fun person to be around. She had the usual teenage strops but she worked so hard to achieve her goals. This energy cannot go to waste and we want to use it in her memory to raise money to buy multi-sensory equipment that will offer fun and relaxation to children and young people who aren’t able to express themselves as fully as Claire-Louise could....

.....Claire believed that music, movement and sensory things helped her to overcome problems so they could help others to feel better about themselves too. She intended to train to teach dancing in modified forms to children who couldn’t attend her dance classes, so this Trust Fund will in some way achieve this through Claire. Everyone who takes the trouble to visit this website and to read about Claire, if they take nothing else away with them, should take Claire’s motto away:

I Believe I Can
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